Monday, November 12, 2007

Julia's 2nd Birthday

More photos of the same cute kids, just different party.

Ava's 2nd Birthday

Here are photos I snapped at Ava's 2nd Birthday. Enjoy!

Thursday, November 08, 2007


This is Summer's second year celebrating Halloween. This year Summer was an adorable cowgirl. Her uncle Charlie bought her this adorable outfit from Texas. She had a pink cowgirl hat, pink belt with a heart shaped buckle with rhinestones, and pink cowgirl booties. Uncle Charlie was a cowboy for Halloween too, and SweetPea was a horse.

We took Summer to two pumpkin patches. The first one was one we just saw driving by. Summer doesn't look too happy because she didn't nap at all that day. The second pumpkin patch was on another day at Mr. Bone's in Beverly Hills. Mia and Julia (the adorable lady bug) invited us to go. Mr. Bone's pumpkin patch was sooo cute, definitely the nicest pumpkin patch we've ever seen! We'll be coming here again next year. Enjoy the pictures!

Playdates in October

The first few pictures, of the kids on the couch, are taken at a playdate at Julia's house. The rest of the pictures are taken during Nehemiah's playdate. Summer always has fun at playdates.


Here are a lot of pictures taken in October:
Summer had so much fun at Brendan's 2nd birthday party at the Under the Sea indoor playground. Then we had dinner with Mia and Julia at Soup Plantation. Summer's hair is finally getting long enough to tie. She sported pigtails many times this month. They look super cute on her. I'll keep tying, although she always pulls them out.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Here are a lot of random pictures all taken in September. Sorry that all the pictures are clumped together. I'm trying to get to the Halloween pictures as fast as I can.

August 2007

Here are some random pictures taken in August.


Summer and Ava have Gymboree class together. They have lots of fun playing with balls and hoops and climbing on and through things. Here are some pictures, taken in August, from three different days at Gymboree.