Sunday, November 23, 2008

Nerdy Summer

Summer received these fun glasses at Nehemiah's Halloween Party. It's funny, she always has a nerdy pose when she wears them.

Summer washing her face

My mom taught Summer how to wash her face like this.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Summer's first trip to SeaWorld

We all had a great time on Summer's first trip to SeaWorld. There is a great deal going on right now, buy one day and get an annual pass for free until the end of Dec 2009. So there will be more postings of SeaWorld in the future. We stayed over in San Diego at the Hilton Friday night, which Summer kept calling Elmo's house. Our good friends Mary, Alex, and Annabelle as well as our San Diego friends, Kento, Shiho, and Nanami joined us at SeaWorld.

We started the day with Breakfast with Elmo and Friends, then we went to see the Shamu show. Summer knew what Orcas were from her favorite show Go Diego Go. Then we went to the Sesame Street Bay of Play area and was stuck there for a few hours. We ate lunch as Summer napped and then we saw the Elmo in 4D movie and then the Shark and the Penguin Exhibit. Next time we go we will see the Dolphin and the Sea Otter shows.

After SeaWorld, we went to Kento and Shiho's beautiful new home for dinner and to play for awhile. Summer had a lot of fun, but it was a really long day. We were all super tired when we got home at 11:45pm that night.

Summer dancing to the Shamu show music.